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An estimated 30 million people in Kenya have access to sending and receiving SMS communications. On the African continent, Kenya is at the forefront of mobile phone penetration where money and messaging is done through a mobile phone. It’s no surprise that decisions makers all agree that SMS marketing may seem a far-fetched marketing strategy but it is well worth its weight in gold in the immediate future. On average an individual is inclined to check their phone at least 47 times on a given day. That there is quite significant owing to the fact that nearly every person in Kenya has mobile communication device capable of receiving text messages. Unlike other innovations like social media, SMS has stood the test of time and because decision makers and analysts have long discovered SMS marketing efforts bear impressive ROI. This is rightly so because the extent of reachability and readability rate vastly exceeds email messaging which presently averages 24%.

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If you still mulling over whether to take up SMS then your business is missing out on the excellent opportunities presented by SMS marketing in Kenya. CABulkSMS offers cost effective bulk SMS services in Kenya allowing your business to stand out from its rivals in terms of exceeding customer expectations.

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If you have been keenly following the performance and trends in the telecommunications sector of the Kenya economy then it would be an easy task to spot the Bulk SMS marketing strategy. Statistically, mobile subscription in Kenya has been on an upward trajectory since the first mobile network operator setup shop in 1998 – 1999. As of January 2020, the rate of mobile subscription stood well over 52 million connections. Our Kenya SMS gateway connects with all the major mobile network operators across the country namely; Safaricom Ltd, Airtel Network Ltd, and Telkom Kenya Ltd. Use CABulkSMS platform to market your products and services using our cutting edge SMS marketing tools. Whether you are want to target new business leads, or sending important notifications and reminders, SMS marketing has been proven to be cost effective, efficient and has tangible results in both the short term and long term.

If you are looking for high quality sales leads in a cost effective manner, then consider leveraging SMS marketing strategy from CABulkSMS and start realizing new sales, follow up potential customers with irresistible offers or conduct activation campaigns.


5 Ways that a Business can Use Bulk SMS Marketing in Kenya

Want to know how your business can strategically use SMS marketing to its advantage? In this section we highlight 5 ways in which your business can use text messaging channel to spread promotional material and messages.

What are the benefits of SMS Marketing in Kenya?

The following is a list of compelling benefits accrued by an individual or business that capitalizes on the power of SMS marketing strategies in Kenya.

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